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Studio Services

Here at Doodle Pictures Studio, we specialize in creating amazing art and animation across a vast array of media. We have the talent needed to make imagination come to life through ink, illustrations, storyboards, world-class 3D animations, sound design, and game development.




Enfield, Connecticut

Concepting with your ideas

We'll help visualize your ideas and bring your product to the next level. Still early in storyboarding? Already in pre-production? Our pipeline is highly adaptable to each specific project. Let us assist with character design, storyboard drafting, environments, color keys, thumbnails, look dev prototypes, and iterations on existing designs.

Full in-house modeling capacity

Moving through the pipeline, Doodle Pictures is completely equipped to turn out quality production art. Our team of modelers and texture artists will make your concepts pop into 3D, using a suite of high-end tools. We'll make sure you're fully satisfied with the look of your production.

Sound design tailored to your needs

Doodle's audio artists are at the top of our game. With credits in feature films, cinema trailers, and television series, we have the creativity and versatility to give that extra dimension to your production. Allow us to use our top gear and professional ear to deliver what you need, when you need it.

Our audio services include sound design, voice-over and narration recording, dialogue editing, music editing, foley, and stereo to 360° mixing for TV, film, web, and games.

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3D Animation and Post-Production

Of course, the bulk of our expertise is breathing life into the characters we create. Our animation, effects, and lighting teams bring movement and color into play, ensuring that your audience will be totally captivated. Our knack for artful rendering and compositing allows us to achieve a wide range of styles; from photorealistic to cartoony, we'll work to fulfill the style that's right for you!

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7 Moody Rd. #2D

Enfield, CT 06082

(860) 265 3855